Fantabulous Childhood

Felicia started Fantabulous Childhood with the aim of conveying blessings from families and friends to newborns and celebrating the birthdays of the little ones. Being a mother to 2 lovely kids, she truly understands the joy of carrying and anticipating a new life into our lives.

Fantabulous Childhood offers attractive personalised newborn diaper cakes, birthday diaper cakes and gift hampers starting from an affordable price of $60. Each diaper cake is handcrafted with love and with quality items. Most importantly, no sharp pins are used for the safety of both the parents and their little precious tots.

Contact them at +65 9693 3680 or Instagram to celebrate a special occasion or welcome a fantabulous being into this beautiful world today! They are sure to be able to create a work of art using practical items based on your budget.

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