Shopping with Us

Q: How often do you have new arrivals?
New arrivals are available in our store on a weekly basis! However, it takes time to process and update the product/item listings on the website. Please follow our Instagram or Facebook account for daily updates!

Q: Can I purchase in metres?
We have updated the website such that you can either purchase in yards or metres. Simply choose the the measurement unit of your choice under “Size” option.

Q: How much is "1" quantity in this website?
Each quantity is equivalent to 0.5 yard or 0.5 metre or 1 piece (for batiks and merchandises). 

Q: What is the minimum order?
There is no minimum order.

Q: Do you sell fat quarters?
Sorry, nope! =(

Q: Do you sell in quarters or halves after 1 yard (i.e. 1.25, 1.5 or 1.75 yards/metres)?
We sell in 0.5 yards/meters but not quarter yards/metres in our website. If you wish to purchase in quarter yards/metres, please DM us via our Instagram or Facebook account.

Q: I can't purchase above a certain yardage for a particular fabric. Do you have more yardages?
We try to keep a healthy inventory to cater to both website and in-store orders while managing within the limits of our almost one-man show/manpower. If you wish above 10 yards for a certain fabric, please contact us via Instagram Facebook messengers and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Q: Do you offer bulk discount?
Yes we do! Bulk discount is available for orders above 20 yards of the same fabric (i.e. same design AND color) Please contact us via Instagram / Facebook messages to enquire.

Q: What is wholesale?
A: Wholesale means purchasing by the entire roll/ bolt. Each roll/bolt is typically 50 to 60 yards but is dependent on the design. Please contact us via Instagram / Facebook messages to enquire on the details.

Q: How can I tell the size of the prints?
A: We added a ruler to the fabric sample images for your easy reference. Please use the ruler as a guide to estimate the size of the prints.
For batiks, each sample image shown is roughly 1 metre in length. 

Q: How can I tell the size of the merchandises?
A: The dimensions of the products are in the description. However, if we missed the information, please contact us via Instagram / Facebook messages, we will do our best to answer your enquiry.

Q: Can you mark my parcel as a gift to avoid custom fees?
A: We will not able to do that.

Q: Who is responsible for customs fees?
A: The customer is responsible for any customs tax or tariffs that may apply to your parcel once it arrives in your country.



Q: Any free delivery?
Yes! We offer free delivery for purchases above SGD80 but unfortunately this is only valid for purchases within Singapore.

Q: My orders can't move past the shipping page. HELP!!!
A: Due to the limitations of the website, weight of packages is capped at 10kg. Please contact us via Instagram / Facebook messages and we will assist to resolve. We know it's annoying because you spent so much time to get to this final stage but you can't order! SORRY!!!! Please don't give up on us!

Q: I'm so excited! When can I expect my loots?
For Singapore orders, please expect orders to arrive 3 to 7 days.
For international orders, please expect orders to arrive within 3 weeks.
All orders will only be processed upon payment.

Q: Do you offer same day delivery for Singapore orders?
A: Yes we do! Please contact us via Instagram / Facebook messages if you need your loots urgently!

Q: Can you expedite my international orders?
A: We can't promise that we can but we will do our best to help! Please contact us via Instagram / Facebook messages and we will see what we can do.

Q: Will I be able to track my orders?
A: Yes you definitely can! We will provide the reference number and instructions to track your parcel once it is ready for shipping. 

Q: It's been ages and I have not received my orders.
A: All parcels are traceable, kindly click on the link in "Other tracking number" in the confirmation email/SMS, and enter the reference number provided. Please contact us via Instagram / Facebook messages if the delivery status indicates “missing package” or “cancelled”. We will (try our best to) hunt for your package!

Q: Why does your shipping rates differ when ordering via Instagram/ Facebook?
A: We perform manual estimation when ordering via Instagram/ Facebook, hence we are able to quote you immediately. However, as we are unable to interact with you over the website, we can only provide a very high level rough estimate that is based on auto calculation by the system. If you prefer to have a more accurate shipping rates quotation, please contact us via Instagram / Facebook messages.

Q: Why is SmartPac option not available via website orders but available via Instagram/Facebook orders?
A: This setting is too complicated for us to build! As there is a weightage limit to SmartPac, we have removed this option in the website to prevent any bad user experience. If you prefer to deliver via SmartPac (maximum of 1kg), please contact us.

Q: Do you mail via normal postage for Singapore orders?
A: We do not offer this delivery method. 

Q: OMG! I entered the wrong shipping address!
If the package has not been picked up by our logistic partner, we can still save you! Please contact us ASAP via Instagram / Facebook messages, the moment you spot the error and we will do our best to correct this error.
Unfortunately, we will not be able to change the shipping address once the package has been picked up by our logistic partner.

Q: Where do you ship to internationally?
A: Please refer to https://leeanntextile.com/pages/delivery-methods-shipping-cost for the list of countries we currently ship to. If you are unable to locate the destination country of your choice, please contact us via Instagram / Facebook messages.

Q: What is the delivery fee?
A: Please refer to https://leeanntextile.com/pages/delivery-methods-shipping-cost for the delivery fees for each country. These are largely based on rough estimates. Please contact us via Instagram / Facebook messages for more attractive rates.


Post Receipt of Orders Drama

Q: The colours look different from the pictures!
A: We do our best to showcase the fabrics in our photos as close to the actual product as possible. However, please do expect that the colours may turn out different from the actual fabric for a number of reasons, which could be lighting or resolution of your gadgets.

Q: There is a missing/wrong order.
A: We do apologise in advance. Please contact us via Instagram / Facebook messages and we will do our best to resolve the issue.



Q: May I join as one of your collaboration partners?
A: Sure! The more the merrier! We aim to build a sewing community by raising awareness on the works of artisans and local small businesses. So, feel free to reach out and we would love to explore how we can all work together!