klvn by Kelvin Sews

klvn is started by a talented young man who is your average white collar by day and passionate sewist by night (and weekends). 

While klvn offers a variety of products and services via their Instagram site (https://www.instagram.com/klvn.q), Lee Ann has chosen to collaborate with them to offer their patchwork quilt blankets services. As per his introduction "I make patchwork quilts!", Kelvin's passion towards patchwork quilts is real. The story of him watching and being fascinated by his late grandmother sewing brings warmth to our hearts. He wants to continue her sewing legacy and bring it to the next level. We hope we are able to lend him a helping hand, and showcase his crafts to everyone. 

Please contact us to order your very own patchwork quilt blankets sewn by klvn. 

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